CSI Product Preview

June 01, 2001 |

Weather-resistant curtain wall

Curtain-wall system features structural silicone gaskets, which help it meet impact-resistance test criteria for severe weather. A compression seal protects against water infiltration.


Reader Service No. 102

Dependable flushometer

The Royal Flushometer with Dual Filtered By-Pass helps prevent valve run-on and ensures the extended performance of the Royal Flushometer, even in water conditions with high contents of sand and other particulates. It accurately meters water for today's generation of 1.6-gallon (6-liter) water closets and 1- gallon (3.8-liter) urinals.

Sloan Valve Co.

Reader Service No. 104

Prime source

The First Source suite of products from CMD Group is the only integrated building product information system designed to save time in the product selection and specifications process.

CMD Group.

Reader Service No. 107

Fire-safety first

Ideal for schools, hospitals, dormitories and public buildings, wall base can be outfitted with exit and escape-route signage to help direct occupants to safety. Because it is located closer to the floor than standard fire-evacuation signage, the wall base remains more visible as it is not obscured by heavy smoke.

Roppe Rubber Corp.

R.S. No. 103

The beauty of brick below

Brick pavers from Belden Brick are available in a variety of sizes and colors, in both extruded and molded versions. The molded bricks offer low water absorption and high compressive strength and perform well.

Belden Brick Co.

Reader Service No. 105

Networking alarms

Network system combines fire protection and information management with lower costs of installation, maintenance, operation and ownership.


Reader Service No. 109

Keep a low profile

Ribbon-window and curtain-wall system features a mullion anchor with a diverter clip to prevent water infiltration and condensation, a narrow profile of 21/2 inches and a structural silicone glazing option.

Kawneer Co.

Reader Service No. 106

Roof panels

Company offers seven metal roofing panels: WeatherSafe, R Panel, U Panel and 5V Crimp are exposed-fastener panels; Slimline, LokSeam and Estate are concealed fastener panels. Each system offers specially designed trim and color -matched accessories.


Reader Service No. 101

Anchoring adhesive

Easy-to-dispense, fast-cure adhesive for anchoring and doweling in concrete works well in any climate. Suits the toughest conditions, such as damp holes, repeated freeze-thaw situations, and temperatures up to 100 F. Nonsag formulation stays hole during horizontal applications. Reduces waste and mess.

Simpson Strong-Tie Co.

R. S. No. 108

Lasting performance

Vistawall window system offered in fixed, project-in, project-out, casement swing-out and casement swing-in windows. Designed for durability and performance.

Butler Manufacturing.

R.S. No. 110

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