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Majestic scene

The precast concrete panel system of the New Jerusalem Baptist Church in New York City covers the entire exterior of the 30,000-sq.-ft. structure. The customized panels feature cutouts lined with ribbons of stained glass that transform sunlight into colors on the building's interior. In order to cost-effectively clad the building, the church chose the Slenderwall panel system, which is lightweight, easy to install and improves energy efficiency.


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Book it

Because each floor of the Northbrook (Ill.) Public Library has different zigzagged patterns, the curtain wall system was a challenge. First, a grid was laid out at three building levels. Then templates were fastened to each building corner to show the working points for each trade. The low-rise curtain wall, CW-250, was designed for flexibility. Sunshades were added for architectural interest and energy savings.


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Blue jewel

The School of Engineering at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville incorporates more than an acre of azure glass, featuring a three-story curtain wall with a truss system that spans from the first floor to the roof. The aluminum plate truss system is 47 feet high and 28 inches deep. System 5600 Pressure Curtain Wall is designed to withstand wind loads of 70 miles per hour under both negative and positive pressures.


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Curving flexibility

Profiled metal panels can be curved in both concave and convex directions for increased design flexibility. Most commonly used in siding applications, these curved panels are made of galvanized or zinc aluminum-coated steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum and stainless steel for weather resistance.

Curveline Inc.

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Dual colors

The Sun Healthcare Corp. in Albuquerque, N.M., used 38,900 square feet of 4 mm silver metallic color cladding and 2,350 square feet of wild grape color cladding to create the building's envelope. The Alucobond material used covers the six-story curvilinear office building, which includes executive suites, open office areas, a cafeteria/food court and an art gallery.

Alcan Composites USA Inc.

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Integral insulation

Insulated metal panel system is factory-foamed and its panels have skins of continuously galvanized sheet steel with an insulating core of poured-in-place, polyurethane high-resistance foam. The Bausysteme panels are specifically designed for a high-level of thermal insulation and the ability to provide pans.

New Century Building Systems.

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Fast-track wall

The Metro Transit Authority (MTA) of Manhattan has completely renovated its 1.6 million-sq.-ft. building with 325,000 square feet of curtain wall. Rising 32 stories and spanning an entire city block, the MTA office building was renovated one step at a time. First, the existing windows were removed, followed by an installation of vision panels with new 1-in. insulated glass. With this system, it took only four months to install the weather-tight curtain wall.


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Wood works

Wood siding is best applied over standard sheathing material with stud spacing of no more than 16 inches on center. The siding contains natural preservatives that make it resistant to decay and insects. It has been used on resorts throughout Southern coastal areas.

Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association.

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