Ceilings and Walls

August 01, 2002 |

Hand-painted walls

Printed wall covering is available in 18 colors and is 54 inches with an ornate floral pattern embossing. Indigo is suitable for the hospitality market, as well as reception areas and corporate entrances.

Omnova Solutions Inc.

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Cover it up

Glass textile wall covering for interior walls includes 15 different textures in numerous paint colors. A traditional rolled paint finish as well as a faux finish can be applied to Textra, and it is repaintable several times for remodeling and redecorating. It is woven from glass yarns and is flame-retardant, washable and resistant to moisture, contamination and disinfectants.

Johns Manville.

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3-D wall

Three-dimensional ceilings can be arched, curved and adapted to any existing configuration. Since they do not adhere to the ceiling itself, but instead permit the installation of thermal and acoustic insulation, they avoid dampness. Star 3D can also be used to produce luminous ceilings by diffusing the light source uniformly into all or part of the room. Available in matte, gloss, translucent, satin or suede finishes. Installation connections do not show, and there are no visible tracks with the system either.

Barrisol Normalu.

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Around the bend

Acrylic blocks in an angled frame design provide curved walls of privacy for commercial projects. The 6- or 8-inch blocks are available in walls up to 86 inches tall and a variety of arcs from below 90 degrees to 180 degrees. Radius Walls are prefabricated with frames in white, painted tan, painted bronze and anodized.


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Shape your way

Wall covering made of a hard surface material from glass, fabric and high-performance resin, for use in both vertical and horizontal applications. Half the weight of glass, Imago can easily be fabricated using familiar woodworking tools such as drills and saws and can be formed under moderate heat to create both soft curves and hard angles. It changes with the amount and direction of light cast upon it and also affects perception of space beyond.

Knoll Inc.

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Stop, drop and roll

Fire guard ceiling panels are formulated to provide enhanced resistance against flame spread, smoke generation and structural failure. They are approved for UL fire-resistive ceiling assemblies and are nondirectional, reducing installation time and scrap. In addition, Dune Fire Guard panels have a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.50, therefore creating a quieter, more productive space.


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Tile around

Thru-body porcelain stone-look mosaics have a multicolored slate finish that makes each tile look like natural stone. Milestone Mosaics are 3-by-3-in. tiles, available in 10 colors and can be used in heavy-duty indoor and outdoor applications. Thirty percent stronger than granite, high-fire porcelain stone tile is virtually impervious to moisture.


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Ceiling splash

Ceiling panels reduce echo and noise in indoor swimming pools, helping increase safety and communication. The Sonex panels are lightweight, flexible and retain their shape even in humid conditions. Made from willtec foam, the panels do not deteriorate in the chlorine atmosphere of swimming pools and are fire-rated for flame spread and smoke density.

Illbruck Inc.

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Wall bonding

Wall carpet that absorbs sound and controls cost by protecting walls is recommended for use in schools, offices and retail interiors. Tretford carpet is fusion bonded with face fibers locked in place and cuts easily in any direction without fraying or raveling. It is available in 52 colors.


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Open weave

Open wood grid ceilings allow for illumination, acoustic treatment, air distribution and sprinklers without interrupting the design discipline. They have a Class A fire rating and double coat satin clear lacquer finish.


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Multidirectional ceiling

Wall panels that can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal connect flat and seamlessly to provide a tight, flush finish. With long-term durability, Plaswall is flexible and resilient toward dents and dings. The panels are corrosion water- and rust-resistant.

Rulon Co.

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Tall wall

Reinforced concrete wall systems up to 50 ft. tall are best for retail and commercial buildings. The Tall Wall Bracing System expands the use of conventional scaffolding to include bracing and form alignment during the construction of the walls.

Arxx Building Products.

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Paneled ceilings

Ceiling panels are sag-resistant with a subtle honeycombed appearance that captures the look of an upscale fabric and are ideal for use in offices, hotels and restaurants. Brio panels are integrally colored, so scratches, dents and nicks are not visible and perform well under high-humidity conditions and in other demanding environments.

USG Corp.

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Sky style

Suspended ceiling system made up of 24-inch square lightweight tiles is available in either 6 inch depth for high ceilings or 21/2-in. depth for lower ceilings. The system includes trim strips and rosettes to cover suspension grids.

Style Solutions.

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Curvy ways

Gypsum board designed specifically for curved applications is available in 1/4-in. thickness and is ideal for curved staircases and ceilings as well as column enclosures in low- and high-rise sport facilities, schools and office areas. Flextek is lightweight and tapered along the edges to allow joints to be finished easily.


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Panel the walls

Shaftwall panels feature glass mat technology that allows the liner panel to withstand the rigors of the job site. The Dens-Glass Ultra Shaftliner is a 1-in.-thick gypsum board with a noncombustible, moisture-resistant core embedded with coated glass mat facings. It resists the growth of mold and mildew as well.


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Under the stars

The recent expansion and $3.75 million renovation of the Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA) in San Diego included a new "star-studded" ceiling in the 228-seat, state-of-the-art Cinema Theater section. The ceiling is vaulted with embedded twinkling fiber-optic star lights to give the audience the feeling of watching movies under the stars. The 2-by-4-in. ceiling panels were painted black and attached to the arched ceiling, after which the white fiber-optic lights were attached, to create the look of stars.


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Added together

Wall system uses advanced fiber-cement technology to transform exterior and interior walls in a variety of colors and textures. The panels are attached with anodized aluminum clips to metal or wood framing and are composed of cement, sand, wood fiber and bonding agents. The systems are finished using a three-part urethane coating, following a combination of pressing, heating and autoclaving.


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Open panels

Three-dimensional architectural wall and ceiling panels are formed so that 35% to 45% of the panel is actually open space. The open structure makes the Millennium panels stronger with similar weight and offers better noise reduction when lined with acoustical insulation, without visible round perforations, also giving the panels special light-reflecting properties.


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Floral decor

Commercial vinyl wall coverings made with laser-engraved artwork from hand-cut appliqués of ornamental shapes. Trapani is designed with florid patterns.

JM Lynne.

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Commercial wall covering system for hotels and restaurants is mildew-proof and formulated to protect itself against mold problems under wall coverings. The Shieldz Plus System will eliminate the adhesion loss associated with mildew growth for up to five years.


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