April 01, 2005 |

Take Hold of Mold

Gypsum ceiling panel is composed of a moisture-resistant, noncombustible core sandwiched between coated glass mat facings that provide protection against incidental moisture. DensArmor Plus Interior Guard meets the industry standard for resistance to mold growth (ASTM D 3273) and is reinforced with inorganic glass fibers that provide added strength. The ½-in.-thick panel resists warping, buckling, and sagging. Available in 8- and 12-foot lengths.


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Sleek Style

Suspended acoustical ceiling panels feature an ultra-white, smooth textile surface and a narrow reveal that produce a monolithic, drywall-like appearance. Techstyle panels are available in sizes up to 4×4 feet, and are manufactured from inorganic, recyclable materials. An innovative clip/hinge system provides access to the plenum and allows the panels to swing down during maintenance.

Hunter Douglas.

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Dancin' on the Ceiling

Open-cell ceiling system features 2×2-foot cells inlaid with robotically welded, curved steel wire formed into several optional shapes: weave, ripple, small wave, and big wave. Recommended for retail, educational, and healthcare applications, Wireworks ceiling system accommodates lightweight signage, lighting, merchandise displays. Wire inlay is available in a variety of finishes and colors.


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Mold Fighter

Made from inorganic volcanic perlite, ceiling panels resist mold growth, are fire resistant, and offer excellent sound absorbance (Noise Reduction Coefficient: 0.65) and light reflectance (Light Reflectance Coefficient: 0.76). EuroStone panels are available in three textures and six patterns.

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Wireless Ceiling Panels

Ceiling panels feature embedded wireless antennas for WLAN networks and mobile phone systems, maximizing communication options without compromising aesthetics. I-ceilings Antenna Panels are standard ceiling tiles, so they can be relocated anywhere in the room. The ceiling plane is the best location for omni-directional antennas, so i-ceilings provide efficient and effective coverage that is comparable to other surface-mounted antennas. Available in four sizes (24×24, 24×28, 20×60, and 24×60 inches), the panels are UL 2043 approved as suitable for use in air-handling spaces.


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Get Schooled on Ceiling Tiles

Increased class sizes and shrinking budgets make taming background noise and reverberation in schools even more challenging. New brochure details line of acoustical ceiling tiles and wall panels for education facilities designed to absorb sound and reduce echo. Harmoni ceiling tiles, for instance, absorb as much as 90% of sound directed toward them. The tiles help improve speech intelligibility and meet industry standards (ANSI/ASI S12.60-2002) for maximum background noise and reverberation in schools. Six product lines are featured in the brochure.


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Charming Chapel

St. Francis de Sales high school in Toledo, Ohio, recently added a new chapel to its expanding campus. For a unique style, local architect Collaborative Inc. specified a standing-seam copper roof and interlocking zinc wall tiles, which were pre-weathered to contrast each other.


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Banking on Metal

Trona Valley Community/Federal Credit Union branch bank in Rock Springs, Wyo., was recently topped with a 7,630-sf, snap-together standing-seam metal roof. Local architect Plan One/Architects specified the 16-in.-wide, 24-gauge LokSeam system, painted "colonial" red, for its durability, cost effectiveness, and modern appearance.


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