Ceiling and wall tiles stop sound

May 01, 2009 |

Phonstop Ceiling and Wall Tiles are made from 100% recycled glass sintered to form rigid, lightweight and porous sound absorbers. Phonstop V (for adhesive applications on walls and celings) has an NRC of up to 0.90; Phonstop E (ceiling grid applications) has an NRC of up to 0.70. Class 1(A) fire rating.

Applications: Offices, schools, staircases, indoor swimming pools, gymnasiums, underground parking garages, transit stations, factories, shooting ranges, broadcast/audio facilities, cafeterias, religious facilities, assembly and manufacturing areas, public buildings, and multifamily buildings

Availability: Nationwide

Cost: Request pricing

Options/Sizes: Phonstop V available in 24x24x2-inch and 24x48x2-inch tiles; Phonstop E available in 24x24x1-inch nominal and 24x48x1-inch nominal dimensions.

Environmental attributes: 100% recycled glass; eligible for LEED credits.

Contact: pinta acoustic, inc.; 800-662-0032; www.pinta-acoustic.com/phonstop

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