Brick pavers made of scrap tires and plastic containers

September 01, 2009 |

Brick pavers from Vast Enterprises are composed of 95% recycled car tires and plastic containers, providing a lightweight, ultra-green alternative to traditional concrete pavers for parking lot, driveway, sidewalk, and patio applications. For every 5,000 sf of installed composite pavers from Vast, approximately 2,500 scrap car tires and 75,000 gallon-size plastic containers are diverted from landfills. The manufacturer developed a grid system that makes it easier for professional contractors to install Vast composite pavers for commercial and residential uses. When the pavers are inserted into the grid, they are automatically spaced and aligned. And, at one-third the weight of concrete, Vast pavers can be used on rooftop patios and decks.

Vast Enterprises

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