Architecture firm chooses stucco for sustainability

August 01, 2008 |

Architects Jim Winer and Tony Menefee knew they wanted to show off their work when it came time to move their Atlanta firm, Menefee & Winer, to a new location that they had built in the city. They had liked their previous office space, but thought it better to have a new building that employed elements of their work, including ideas of sustainability.

Part of that sustainability plan included the use of Sto Corp.'s StoPowerwall NExT, a hard-coat stucco combined with a waterproofing/air barrier called StoGuard. Menefee and Winer wanted stucco because of its plasticity and cost-effectiveness and liked that Sto's product included a fiber additive for superior strength and an elastomeric coating for protection against hairline cracking and water infiltration.

StoPowerwall helped the new headquarters become the first LEED NC-certified architect's office in Georgia.

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