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May 01, 2001 |

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Weather-resistant curtain wall

Curtain-wall system features structural silicone gaskets, which help it meet impact-resistance test criteria for severe weather. A compression seal protects against water infiltration.


Reader Service No. 103

Fire-safety first

Ideal for schools, hospitals, dormitories and public buildings, AlphaBase wall base can be outfitted with exit and escape route signage to help direct occupants to safety. Because it is located closer to the floor than standard fire-evacuation signage, the wall base remains more visible because it's not obscured by heavy smoke. A variety of signs are available, even with letters and symbols that glow in the dark.

Roppe Rubber Corp.

R.S. No. 101

Keep a low profile

Ribbon window and curtain-wall system features a mullion anchor with a diverter clip to prevent water infiltration and condensation, a narrow profile of 21/2 inches and a structural silicone glazing option.

Kawneer Co.

Reader Service No. 104

The beauty of brick below

Brick pavers from Belden Brick offers installation in a variety of sizes and colors, in both extruded and molded versions. The latter, because of its low water absorption and high compressive strength, performs well. The company also manufactures paving bricks to complement many ranges of face brick.

Belden Brick Co.

Reader Service No. 111

Black tar

Coal-tar built-up roofing is derived from base tars that are extracted from bituminous coal during the coking process, providing an inherent resistance to water, air and vapor penetration. Because of its cold-flow characteristics, Black Armor roofing can self-heal small fractures.


Reader Service No. 107

Electronic ceiling

Ceiling system integrates antennas to enable in-building wireless connectivity for voice and data. The system also delivers sound masking, paging and music simultaneously in one speaker. Panels look like ordinary ceiling panels.

Armstrong World Industries.

R.S. No. 105

Roof panels

Company offers seven metal roofing panels: WeatherSafe, R Panel, U Panel and 5V Crimp are exposed-fastener panels, while Slimline, LokSeam and Estate are concealed fastener panels. Each system offers specially designed trim and color matched accessories.


Reader Service No. 106

Always have protection

Under-sink protection devices guard plumbing piping against damage and provide barrier-free access to sinks and lavatories for wheelchairs. Pipe-cover and enclosure devices meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.


Reader Service No. 109

Hot or cold

Made of polymer-enhanced coal tar, Millennium roofing system remains durable through both hot and cold environments, and can be applied using cold adhesive and hot coal-tar bitumen. The product line includes granular surface and smooth membranes, base sheets, adhesives and mastics.


Reader Service No. 108

Even more colors

Eight hues have been added to a line of rubber bases, expanding the line to include 60 colors. New colors include: sea coral, red, Mayan bronze, sunflower, pale fern, periwinkle, marigold and tropical blue.

Roppe Rubber Corp.

R.S. No. 102

Seismic structures

During one of the largest seismic-retrofits of a bridge in the United States, fast-cure Epoxy-Tie was used to anchor high-strength steel rods that hold collector plates to the concrete footings of the bridge. The job superintendent says it's "worker-friendly and reliable."

Simpson Anchors.

Reader Service No. 110

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