Access flooring

November 01, 2002 |

Heavy load

Access flooring series can support up to 3,500 pounds. Designed for the ultra-clean environment, the panels are corrosion-resistant and are manufactured from machined die-cast aluminum. HD 3500 Series panels are available with solid and perforated designs in a variety of finishes, and are suitable for manufacturing, industrial, and chemical building areas.


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Management, please

Cable management system allows users to route data, fiber optics, and power cabling throughout the building. Modular zone power and zone data configurations are easy to set up, according to the maker. The flooring is portable, as the pedestals are integrated into panels.

Multilink Broadband.

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Operation Education

The 40,000-sq.-ft. Landmark Center of Harvard School of Public Health, in Boston, uses access floor panels in its office space with an underfloor air distribution system. The underfloor systems allowed for larger windows, more creative use of overhead space, and more indirect daytime lighting, while costing $10 less per sq. ft. than a conventional overhead distribution system. The ConCore 1250 panels and PosiLock understructure were installed while the building was fully occupied, with minimal disruption to occupants. Programmable temperature controls are part of the integrated systems, which, according to the manufacturer, contribute to higher indoor air quality for the building.

Tate Access Floors.

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Workplace flooring

Panels made of concrete slab are 1 in. thick and are said to provide acoustical barrier. The low pedestals are 21/2 to 4 in. tall and come in 24-in. panel sizes to meet most building designs. The TecCrete XL is installed with corner supports for quick access to power and data cabling.


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Concrete and steel panels

Modular flooring system is made of concrete-filled welded steel panels manufactured in five different strengths for use in projects ranging from light to heavy industrial. The FS panel has quiet performance and a solid feel underfoot, according to its maker. The panels can be used in general office areas, call centers, equipment and telecom rooms, and other applications where large amounts of air, power, data, and telephone cabling are required.

Advanced Technical Solutions.

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Cover up

Activation covers for under-floor wire and cable management systems have a top coat which, according to the manufacturer, prevents water from entering power outlets and communications ports during routine maintenance, like mopping and carpet shampooing. FloorPort activation covers can be installed on carpet, tile, and wood floors. Styles are available in brass, aluminum, and black-coated finishes to match almost any décor.


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Up on a pedestal

Floor pedestals for access flooring applications include 3/4-in.-diameter loop J-Hooks to wide-base cable supports that accommodate up to 425 four-pair cables. The CADDY CableCat J-Hooks and CableCat 425 wide-base cable supports also come with retainers.


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Steel framing

Composite cellular unit flooring is made for steel frame construction. Pre-set outlet boxes allow for full stud capacity for efficient composite beam design, which the manufacturer says can reduce horizontal steel frame weight by up to 35%. The Q-Floor Tapway trench is completely hidden in the floor, is not visible after carpeting, and can be placed every 4 to 25 sq. ft.

H.H. Robertson.

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Carry the weight

Access floor panels are designed to support loads of up to 1,500 lbs. per sq. in. According to the manufacturer, Terravision Display Flooring system panels are easily removable and can be interchangeable with a special lifting device. The pedestals are assembled to be corrosion resistant. Surface materials can include marble, wood, and carpet.

Specialty Raised Flooring Inc.

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Retail specialty

Hardwood flooring line for upscale retail chains in malls and shopping centers can provide nonstandard dimensions and an unusual species of wood to fit the specific store's need. Also available are special coatings, epoxies, and arched moldings.

Highpoint Flooring and Milling Inc.

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Wood finishing

Prefinished solid hardwood flooring is finished with a commercially-rated, clear urethane coating to bring out its natural character. Ash Wide Board is blonde in color, and is 5 in. wide and 3/4 in. thick. Available in lengths from 6 ft. to 10 ft. with numerous finishing options.


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Socially responsible

Commercial-grade vinyl flooring is made from recycled materials and creates a 3-D effect through its layered manufacturing process. Luxica is made from 35% post-consumer recycled PVC hoses, tapes, and other materials, which are used in the base layers of the backing system. Made without VOC emissions, the flooring will not promote microbial or fungal growth and is nonallergenic, according to the manufacturer.

To Market.

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Carpet collection

Carpet available in nine colors is suitable for corporate and retail applications, hospitality rooms, restaurants, lounges, and waiting areas. According to the manufacturer, the Polychrome Collection broadloom carpeting utilizes a state-of-the-art servo-controlled, loop-tufting technology, resulting in a carpet that has a tough loop and a soft cut pile texture.


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Exterior surface flooring is said to have slip-resistant embossing, allowing it to maintain its look through high winds, hot sun, rain, and snow. The safety flooring is for courtyards, exterior and semicovered entranceways, stairwells, pool decks, and playgrounds. Available in eight colors.


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Commercial vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl tile is available in metallic, fossil, pearl, stone, wood, and marble designs. Featuring a special wearlayer, the commercial LVT flooring line resists dirt buildup and requires less frequent maintenance, according to its maker. The tile are available in the 16x16-in. forms. For use in retail stores, healthcare facilities, and hospitality centers.

Domco Tarkett Commercial.

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Slip slidin' away

Rubber flooring features a 2mm-thick, smooth surface. Noraplan Astro flooring is available in both tiles and sheet goods in a selection of 35 colors, and in both traditional to contemporary looks. Recommended for use in educational and hospital facilities, arenas, and industrial, corporate, and high-tech applications.

Freudenberg Building Systems.

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Tough tiles

Tile made for heavy usage areas is available in modular sizes. Six colors are offered, including almond, beige, brown, and giallo. The manufacturer says its Strong brand is 30% tougher than granite flooring and is applicable in most commercial facilities.


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