Plans for Britain’s newest landmark brings in international cooperation

At 532 feet high, the i360 will be the United Kingdom's tallest observation tower outside of London.

Designers of the iconic London Eye, firm Marks Barfield Architect, are closer to presenting their homeland with a new landmark, the i360 Brighton.

According to Archdaily, the tower will be around 532 feet high with a glass viewing pod rising to 450 feet off the ground. It will offer a new perspective on the English coastal city of Brighton. The base of the building will have a visitor center comprising of a restaurant, shop, exhibition space and conference center.

Just like the London Eye, i360 Brighton will be accomplished with the help of companies from various countries. Collaborating with London-based Marks Barfield are cable-lift company Poma of France, Jacobs Engineering from the United States and steel company Hollandia from the Netherlands.

The BBC reports the project has secured  £40 million from Brighton and Hove City Council to build what is planned to be the UK’s tallest observation tower outside London.

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