Periscope structure gives public toilet an unobstructed sea view

Views of the seafront is meant to give users a sense of tranquility.

August 15, 2014 |
Renderings courtesy Adam Wiercinski Architekt

Planned on a site with stunning views of the Baltic Sea, it would’ve been a pity to sacrifice great scenery for the sake of privacy when designing a public toilet structure in Gdynia, Poland.

But Polish architect Adam Wiercinski came up with a solution: periscopes. This allows the user to observe the sea from a mirror instead of the traditional window, placed conveniently above the sinks.

“By placing the upper mirror of this periscope mechanism at a height of 4m,” the firm's website explains, “view of the water is raised above the boulevard’s level and the strolling people.”

This also ensures visitors an undisturbed view of the ever-changing Baltic Sea.

According to ArchDaily, the simple, monolithic concrete structure's graceful curve resembles the sea's breakwater. Thus, the shape seamlessly works as a transition between the building and landscape. 

In the space between the men's and women's bathrooms are benches for people to sit and reflect, which the firm contends will be able to accommodate more people than a traditional bench.


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