Outdated building code hampering recruitment of high-tech businesses in New York State

Coalition of construction, fire safety, insurance groups push for reform

December 16, 2014 |
Photo: Daniel Schwen via Wikimedia Commons

New York State’s building code is outdated and is hampering the recruitment of high-tech employers, according to a coalition of construction, fire safety, and insurance industry groups.

The variance process slows down the process of planning and developing a project, said Dottie Harris, vice president of International Code Council. The state’s code does not address modern construction materials and complex construction techniques used in chip fabrication plants, she said.

International Code Council is part of Build Safe NY Alliance, a new coalition advocating that the state adopt the 2015 version of the International Code Council’s model building codes. Doing so would make New York code consistent with building codes in other states, according to Joe Hogan, vice president for building services with AGC of New York.

The State Code Council, a panel of 17 people appointed by the governor, will decide whether and how to update the code. The coalition is urging the state council to adopt the 2015 code at its Feb. 11 meeting and make it effective in August.


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