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December 01, 2001 |

Lighting calculator

Web site offers free use of an online lighting software that allows designers to create lighting layouts. The software determines both the number of fixtures that are needed, given a desired average illuminance, and the average illuminance, based on a set number of fixtures. Users simply choose the type of fixture that best meets their needs and then answer a series of critical parameter questions prompted by the software. CalcMaster does the rest, plus it stores preferences for future use in a free user account.

Don't throw it away

Every contractor at one time or another has surplus construction materials and supplies following the completion of a job. Instead of pitching these items in the garbage, contractors and owners can recoup some of the investment by listing the surplus on this online auction Web site. Items can be new, used, custom or salvaged, and payment is made only after an item is sold.

Quick to retrieve

Document management software allows design professionals, owners and facility managers to retrieve scanned drawings, engineering plans, maps and other documents via any Internet browser. IntraNetix-FM permits any number of authorized users access to an unlimited amount of documents.

Concrete shrinkage

Software is designed to help construction professionals explore the relationship between drying shrinkage of concrete and control joint spacing for interior slab-on-grade concrete applications. Users simply input project information, such as the level of shrinkage, and the software will calculate the corresponding change in joint spacing dimensions. By having the proper balance between drying shrinkage and joint spacing, damage to the concrete and the joints is minimized.

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