New product & technology center at the AIA Expo 2001

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The AIA New Product & Technology Center is sponsored by Building Design & Construction and the American Institute of Architects. All of the building materials, systems and finishes reviewed here will be on display at AIA Expo 2001, held May 17-19 in Denver. This special exhibit will be located outside the main convention hall. Make sure to look for this unique display at the show.

Claims for products described editorially on this and other pages are taken from statements of product manufacturers.

Motorized shading

Ultra-quiet motor and built-in intelligence make adjustment of even the heaviest window shades quick and quiet. Simple wall controls allow easy adjustment with multiple preset points. Controls sunlight glare and darkens rooms for visual presentations. Wireless control system is available for commercial applications.


Reader Service No. 249

New windows, classic looks

A classically designed, tilt-wash double-hung window is affordable and features simplified sash tilting and low-maintenance exterior cladding.

Andersen Windows.

R.S. No. 230

Moisture barrier

A two-component coating serves as a barrier against moisture intrusion, bridging sheathing joints and protecting rough openings from moisture. An economical alternative to traditional EIFS drainage systems, the barrier can also be used as a simple barrier protection with any cladding or coating.

Sto Corp.

Reader Service No. 234

Going down in history

Double-hung window has solid wood profiles that meet most historic restoration criteria. Wood interior that can be painted to match any décor replaces the typical thick vinyl jamb layer. Both sash tilt for cleaning. Extruded aluminum cladding has baked-on coating; available with low-e and argon gas options.

Marvin Windows.

Reader Service No. 227

In the swing of things

Inswinging casement and French casement models are available in wood or clad profile, with specifications similar to standard casement units except for 3 1/2-in. bottom rail height, and screen to the exterior. Sash are hung on 3 1/2-sq.-in. butt hinges. Hardware includes multipoint locking system.

Kolbe & Kolbe.

Reader Service No. 226

Securing fresh air

Passive ventilation system is designed for high-security windows used in applications such as jails and psychiatric facilities. Thermally broken, it installs at the bottom of the window within the existing glazing area.

Titon Inc.

Reader Service No. 228

Class A siding

Fiber-cement siding has a Class A fire rating, resists rotting and is impervious to wood-boring insects. Higher interlaminate bond strength provides superior freeze/thaw protection. Uses design molds created from real cedar and hand-troweled stucco.

CertainTeed Corp.

R.S. No. 235

Unitized for your protection

Installer-friendly unitized curtainwall provides more pronounced sight lines, operating vents and aluminum panels. Panelized frames usually span from floor to floor, and reduce dependence on field weather seals as well as accommodate dynamic movements without placing undue stress on glass or sealants.

Wausau Window and Wall Systems.

Reader Service No. 231

Liquid lock for EIFS

A direct-to-the-wall adhesive locks expanded polystyrene (EPS) board into place and provides one-step weather barrier without added expense for standard or drainage EIFS. The product eliminates the need for building paper or fasteners and the need to apply adhesive to the back of the EPS boards.

Parex Inc.

Reader Service No. 232

Translucent glass, not plastic

Insulated translucent glazing uses glass instead of fiber-reinforced plastics as a face material, and is available in any architectural glass that is specified for functional reasons. U-values from 0.25 to 0.14 deliver light transmittance exceeding 70 percent. Glazing is an option for curtain-wall, sloped and skylight installations where aesthetics cannot be sacrificed for performance.

Advanced Glazings Inc.

R.S. No. 229

Bold statement

New addition to roof deck/ceiling product line has bold ribbed ceiling appearance, accommodating clear-span truss spacing from 10 feet to 30 feet. Wider truss spacing can make building design appear more spacious.

Epic Metals.

Reader Service No. 206

School modules

Modules provide quick delivery of educational space that has the qualities of conventional construction. Modules are available in 8-ft., 10-ft. and 12-ft. sections with brick exterior finish and 9 feet of headroom.

Oldcastle Precast Modular Group.

Reader Service No. 209

Support group

New equipment support bases are designed for sloped, tapered and flat roof systems. Mechanical fastener design is applicable for wood, metal or structural concrete decks. Seismic approval to Zone 4.

Portable Pipe Hangars.

R.S. No. 214

Reversible forms

Consisting of two expanded polystyrene panels held together by plastic ties, the insulating concrete forming system is designed for maximum ease of installation. Forms are completely reversible.

Reward Wall Systems.

R.S. No. 210

Colorful stone

Stone veneer in new eucalyptus color combines subtle khaki overtones and hints of moss and plum. Installed costs start at $7.50 per square foot, depending on the kind and size of project.

Cultured Stone.

Reader Service No. 211

On a pedestal

Pedestal system supports concrete pavers, grated flooring and wood decking up to 1,000 pounds per pedestal. The system allows for precise leveling, and supports elevations ranging from 3/4 inch to 24 inches.

Bison Screwjack.

R.S. No. 205

On good footing

Engineered footing form for construction tubes meets or exceeds building codes throughout North America. Fits construction tubes up to 12 inches for above-grade and below-grade applications.

Bigfoot Systems.

Reader Service No. 207

Emergency relief

Accordion fire door is manually or electrically operated, and has a 3-hour fire rating. Some models provide emergency egress options.

McKeon Rolling Steel Door.

R.S. No. 215

Split-face, single-wythe

Control-Blok is designed to prevent crack-induced water leakage in single-wythe walls. Available in a wide variety of split-face and smooth-face architectural units and standard grey CMU. The block's beveled edges provide efficient drainage at the bed joint area.

Master Builders.

Reader Service No. 208

Coarse but refined

New finishes for commercial applications of granite are achieved using water pressure to expose the natural beauty of granite crystals while creating a consistent, coarsely-textured surface.

Cold Spring Granite.

R.S. No. 212

No smoking

Pressure-treated, fire-retardant cedar shakes and shingles meet weathering tests of the California wood roof law that became effective in January 2000.

Chemco Inc.

Reader Service No. 203

Recycled roofing

An alternative to slate or tile, roof product offers the bonus of a UL Class A fire rating. Made of 80 percent post-industrial materials, it qualifies as a sustainable building product.

EcoStar Inc.

Reader Service No. 202

File sharing

Software allows building team members to view, discuss and mark up virtually any data file — including CAD drawings, 3-D models, digital images and text documents — in real time via the Internet with-out having to upload files to a Web site or FTP server. Host initiates a conference by sending a view-only copy of the document to participants. Only the host can save the document and annotations.

Sigma Design.

Reader Service No. 236

3-D: Plain and simple

Unlike many 3-D programs that have a large number of inherent commands and complex concepts, SketchUp utilizes object-based modeling to simplify work.

@Last Software.

Reader Service No. 238

Accurate assumptions

Construction cost-estimating tool requires users to input only minimal data to create cost estimates.

Talisman Partners Ltd.

R.S. No. 237

Marketing reference

Containing articles by 50 experienced professionals, this handbook covers the latest in marketing research and planning, sales and business development, winning work, public relations and promotion, and management.

Society for Marketing Professional Services.

Reader Service No. 239

Lock and load

Recessed lighting fixture features a lock-and-aim feature that allows the lamp to be elevated up to 35 degrees and rotated up to 360 degrees, and then locked in place at chosen angle.

Cooper Lighting.

Reader Service No. 223

Concealing curves

Perimeter raceway system conceals two channels for power and data cabling under a curved cover surface. Integral, hinged subcovers separate wiring channels from device channels and snap open to facilitate lay-in or pull-through. A corner-drop feature allows cables to be dropped from the ceiling without penetrating partitions.

Wiremold Co.

Reader Service No. 218

When lightning strikes

Expanded line of lightning-protection air terminals and accessories now includes blunt air terminals, round-tipped rods and rods fitted with solid metal ball-tips and bullet-shaped covers.

East Coast Lighting Equipment Inc.

Reader Service No. 217

Direct or indirect

Suitable for offices, schools, airports and retail stores, this low-profile, T5 surface-mounted fluorescent fixture can be used in both direct and indirect lighting environments. Features heavy-gauge steel housing with transparent internal supports that allow illumination of the fixture's wings.

Cooper Lighting.

Reader Service No. 222

Beautiful basin

Recommended for commercial or hospitality applications, this new line of stainless-steel washbasins is available in one, two-, three- or four-basin configurations. Meridian washbasins feature a backsplash faucet assembly and ADA-compliant pushbuttons.

Acorn Engineering Co.

R.S. No. 216

Vandals beware

Weather- and vandal-resistant luminaire can be wall- or ceiling-mounted and features a clear polycarbonate lens with an interior prism pattern to spread light evenly. A silicone adhesive gasket seals Terrapin's lens and housing from water infiltration, while UV coating on the lens protects against solar rays.

Cooper Lighting.

Reader Service No. 224

No more gridlock

New truss and utility grid system is an alternative to access flooring and bar joists — which can have long installation lead times — for support of utilities such as cabling, data, power, electrical and mechanical systems.


Reader Service No. 219

Historic replica

This 27-in.-diameter, semi-indirect chandelier, named Park Avenue, is an exact replica of bowl-shade chandeliers installed in many historic public buildings built between 1910 and 1930. Lamp options include 13- or 28-watt fluorescent or incandescent.


Reader Service No. 221

Remote-control lighting

Consisting of luminaires with built-in processing and memory and a wall control station, digital lighting system allows remote control of lighting intensity levels and group fixtures. Users can program up to 12 zones and 12 scenes with fades.

Cooper Lighting.

Reader Service No. 225

Up or down.

Versatile wall-mounted luminaire can be mounted for upwash or downwash with no modifications to housing. Reflective illumination provides both forward and side-to-side lighting for walkway and parking lot applications. An optional wall-grazing optic configuration accents the texture and definition of wall surfaces.

Cooper Lighting.

Reader Service No. 220

Deflecting criticism

Curved deflection walls are easier to build with new stud-track systems, available to designers and contractors, that can accommodate vertical deflection in curved walls.

Flex-Ability Concepts.

Reader Service No. 245

Crash course

Wall-protection handrails, crash rails and corner guards are available in vinyl and acrylic, or wood and stainless-steel combinations. Other available finishes in the product line include "chameleon patterns," solid wood and metallized finishes.

C/S Group.

R.S. No. 247

Knotty pine

Red pine flooring offers grain pattern, knots and golden-orange hue associated with the old-growth timber used in Colonial New England. Wide-plank, tongue-and-groove profiles are offered in lengths up to 16 feet.

Carlisle Restoration Lumber.

Reader Service No. 243

Composite sketch

Unique composite lumber is made with a patent-pending material combining weatherable polymers and recycled natural fibers. The splinter-resistant surface is Ideal for outdoor decks, railings, pool and recreation areas.


Reader Service No. 244

Wired for sound

Novel ceiling system with embedded antennas allows the integration of wireless communications and sound systems. The drop-in tiles are designed for sound masking, paging and ambient music functions, while improving wireless telephone service.


Reader Service No. 241

Opening soon

Just out of the prototyping phase, this door/hardware system offers abuse-resistant metal hinges and latch stiles to protect its wood veneer, as well as concealed electromagnetic door holders. A mortised closer meets aesthetic needs, ADA requirements, fire-protection concerns and multistory air-handling conditions. Incorporates cam design, not rack-and-pinion.


Reader Service No. 248

Auspicious entrance

Entrance flooring system enhances design flexibility and dirt removal with a three-zone system approach and 100 color combinations.

C/S Group.

Reader Service No. 242

Belly up

Solid-teak elevated seating for patio, poolside, bar or breakfast nook is crafted for a lifetime of use, and comes with a 75-year warranty.

Smith & Hawken.

Reader Service No. 213

Sustainable and permanent

Acoustical ceiling panels offer warranted performance against microorganism growth, dimensional sag and fuel contribution, thanks to 100-percent recyclable perlite content. Called Eurostone, the tiles are available in textured, striated, geometric and scored patterns.

Chicago Metallic.

Reader Service No. 240

Stacking wood

Can an elegant, traditional hardwood chair actually be stackable, too? Apparently so. These chairs in Chippendale and Arts and Crafts styles are also said to resist abuse, because of a patented joint system of concealed steel rods and "space-age epoxies." A number of the chairs in the so-called Bartlett Hall style were recently purchased by the University of Chicago. The furniture was used as part of a renovation of a neo-Gothic dining hall on campus.

Eustis Chair Mfg.

Reader Service No. 246

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