New polling feature encourages member feedback in the noraXchange, nora flooring’s online community

January 30, 2013 |

Honoring its commitment to connect with facility managers, architects, designers, installers, other building professionals and key decision makers in meaningful ways, nora® flooring has introduced a polling feature to noraXchange, the interactive online community hosted by nora systems, Inc. The noraXchange provides customers with information that addresses the challenges and questions they regularly encounter in their work.

“Customer feedback has always been a key component of the framework and content for the noraXchange,” said Amy Bostock, Manager, Marketing and Creative Services, nora systems, Inc. “We want to continue to encourage feedback and provide opportunities for our readers to interact with us and share their opinions on subjects that are important to them.”

Launched in January 2013, the “Quick-Poll” feature of the noraXchange invites members of the community to choose one of multiple responses to the monthly poll question. The results will appear in real time as members participate. In addition, subscribers to the noraXchange have the opportunity to further communicate by clicking “Share your opinion” and commenting on what matters to them.

The new polling feature is included within the monthly email that members of the noraXchange receive, informing them about topics available in the latest installment. Project briefs describing nora installations, industry news and helpful tech points that explore key installation and maintenance issues provide a variety of subjects for members to explore and choose, based on their needs and interests.

Project briefs share the key details of an installation, including why particular flooring was chosen and how its selection helped achieve the facility’s goals. Accompanying photography helps bring the installation to life, while demonstrating the versatility of nora flooring in a variety of applications.

The noraXchange also features an industry news section and tech points. The industry news section links subscribers to relevant articles in a variety of publications across multiple industries, while the tech points section provides useful information on topics ranging from a floor’s resistance to chemicals and bacteria to slip resistance and the impact welded seams and moisture can have on an installation.

“By publishing this kind of content we are confident in our ability to connect with our customers and stay true to our goals of consistently delivering content that is timely, engaging and applicable to the work of the noraXchange community,” said Bostock. “The polling feature represents another great step toward helping us continue to achieve these goals.”

To join the noraXchange, please visit the nora website at

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