New global residential floor space measurement standard unveiled

The new standards will produce better transparency and are said to benefit investors.

October 04, 2016 |

Pixabay Public Domain

The International Property Measurement Standards Coalition recently released new standards that it says will increase transparency and benefit investors.

“Currently, the way residential property is measured can vary significantly from one market to the next,” the coalition said in a news release. “As a consequence, owners, occupiers and investors in domestic property are often left confused or misinformed when it comes to the reported floor space.”

This has also led to disputes where rental calculations and service charges have relied on erroneous measurement information. The coalition, a group of more than 80 property organizations around the world, enlisted an independent group of 18 experts from 11 countries to draft the standards to prevent these occurrences.

Research has found that the measurement of residential apartments can vary by up to 15% across world regions” and “the measurement of houses (residential dwellings) can vary by up to 58% across world regions,” the coalition says. Within local markets there can be up to a 27% variance in the measurement of residential apartments and a 10% variance in the measurement of houses.

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