New EcoSpec Tile company offers recycled tiles

February 22, 2011 |

EcoSpec Tile LLC, established February 1, 2011, is a new tile manufacturing company started by a group consisting of experienced/time-tested tile professionals who collectively feel a strong responsibility to their industry and to their planet.

The initial product offering includes sustainable tile material composed of 50% pre-consumer waste, 20% post-consumer waste and 30% new material recycled contents, all obtained in the Southern California area. Tile formats range from mosaic tile sized 2” x 2” up to 12” x 12” field tile. “Brick sizes” from 1” x 8” to 4” x 8” are available, as well.  The EcoSpec collection may be specified in matte, gloss, crackle and hand-painted surface finishes.

According to Kathy Stoffer of EcoSpec Tile’s sales and marketing department, “EcoSpec Tile has been strategically developed to make customers’ projects sustainable without sacrificing control or expense. We intend to not only meet, but clearly exceed, clients' expectations within the green arena.

“EcoSpec Tile recognizes the importance of using resources responsibly,” continued Stoffer. “We are committed to spreading green awareness in our interactions with customers, employees, the government and our community. Prior to our launch, it was vitally important that our team developed products which were LEED-certified.”

Stoffer went on to state that the product line will be marketed to both a professional marketplace consisting of architects, designers, tile dealers/distributors/contractors, builder/developers and commercial end-users… and also to homeowners. A new website is available at: -stroking:

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