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Must see: French pavilion to take food from roof to table

The pavilion will have an undulating interior meant to evoke the rolling hills of France itself.

May 02, 2014 |
Vegetables, hops and herbs will be grown on the outside of the building, then ha

France has presented its design for Expo Milano 2015 in Milan—its representative building will be covered in gardens on the outside, from which food will be harvested and served inside. Designed by XTU architects, the pavilion was made based on the expo's theme: "Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life."

The pavilion will have an undulating interior meant to evoke the rolling hills of France, albeit an upside-down version, Dezeen reports. Through the use of digital fabrication techniques, layers of timber will give the building its unique ridged structure. The plan is for vines to grow through the gaps in the latticed wood.

Food from the building’s exterior—specifically, vegetables, hops, and herbs—will be harvested daily and cooked using hydroponic processes in the pavilion’s restaurant. In addition to the restaurant, an exhibition on France’s food production will inhabit the interior.

XTU said in a statement: “On the facades, we grow hops, on the terrace aromatic herbs, and in the restaurant, vegetables to be eaten on the spot. Hydroponic production that depicts the French innovation in partnership with the world leader of the sector! It is the image of a "fertile market", in direct production-consumption system. And at the end, there will be a great event for the harvesting of hops.”

In order for the pavilion will go up in time for the expo, it’s scheduled to be built in May 2015. France is one of 144 nations participating in World Expo 2015, which will run from May to October of next year. 






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