Must see: Building façade made of massive concrete drain pipes

Prahran Hotel pub incorporates a series of concrete sewer pipes in the building's main façade.

June 07, 2013 |
Looking to create a unique atmosphere using natural materials for the Prahran Hotel pub near Melbourne, local architect Techné Architects cleverly incorporated a series of concrete drain pipes into the building's main façade.
The concrete pipes double as cozy booths for patrons and offer views of the street activity outside, according to Inhabitat's Bridgette Meinhold, who recently profiled the renovation project.
Meinhold offers some specifics: "The three-story renovation makes use of 17 1/2 culvert pipes on the facade and both inside that serve as booths. Windows fitted into the pipes provide porthole views out onto the street. Meanwhile inside, one of the pipes serves as an elevated VIP booth for 10."
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