Multifamily security: Leveraging the world's largest key ring

December 01, 2000 |

There are many aspects to a comprehensive security system for multifamily residential facilities, but one vital requirement is the management of keys and locking hardware on unit doors. Reduced to its basics, the system has to perform like the world's largest key ring, with a sophisticated accounting and management system. An electronic tracking and distribution system can do the job with little or no added security personnel, relying on a computer to physically keep track of keys or maintain access to living units.

New offerings for multifamily key management offer the dual benefits of on-the-spot control of access and accountability in the form of detailed records of who gets what access to where at any given time.

An automated tracking system typically requires an identification code and password for facility staff, who must identify the individuals being issued keys and their use. When the key is returned, the computerized system automatically notes where and at what time that occurs. At any given time, the systems can report overall information detailing which keys are out, when each was issued and who has them.

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