Mondopads highlight Portland State University’s new Decision Theater

A total of seven InFocus Mondopads were used in the room to accommodate large group work and individual study.

March 28, 2017 |

Photo courtesy Portland State University

Portland State University wanted to create a high-tech collaboration space for its students, researchers, and community stakeholders to come together. The space would be used to work on a variety of projects that link data sets, visualization, and decisions.

In order for the room to achieve its main purpose, it needed to have large visuals, powerful computing, robust video conferencing and a modular environment. The new space, dubbed the Decision Theater, originally was going to have a multi-panel video wall installed, but the concern was that the video wall would be great for large groups, but wouldn’t be conducive to individuals or small groups working separately in the room.

Eventually, PSU decided to use InFocus Mondopads to create the video wall because they can be used together to display one large image, but can also be used separately for smaller groups without losing any of their desired functions.

InFocus Mondopads, which are essentially large tablets, include features such as a touchscreen interface, camera, speaker bar, extensive connectivity, and the ability to be integrated into existing AV systems.


Photo courtesy Portland State University.


In total, PSU used seven Mondopads in the Decision Theater. Three 1080p 80-inch Mondopads are tiled across the front of the room with the ability to display multiple smaller images or one giant image. Another four 1080p 70-inch Mondopads were placed on the remaining three walls to create group huddle spaces. The three 80-inch Mondopads at the front of the classroom can also be broken apart to create seven separate all-in-one displays.

Each Mondopad has a multi-touch high definition display and comes with a built-in Windows PC and a full version of Microsoft Office. The large screen can also become a digital interactive whiteboard, has document annotation, and allows users to share, view, and control the screen from a tablet or smartphone.

Business-class video conferencing allows PSU students and researchers to connect with individuals across the country. While on a video call, the work being presented, such as design plans, can be drawn on top of and annotated.

The full Mondopad product line stretches from 57-inch screens up to 85-inch screens.


Photo courtesy Portland State University.

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