MIT develops ‘river of 3D pixels’ to assemble objects

The Kinetic Blocks can manipulate objects into shapes without human interference.

October 29, 2015 |
MIT develops ‘river of 3-D pixels’ to assemble objects

The Kinetic Block by MIT's Tangible Media Group

Researchers at MIT are finding ways to make objects and buildings construct themselves, such as this rock-and-string structure MIT collaborated with ETH Zurich on display at the Chicago Biennial.

Another addition to the self-building portfolio is Kinetic Blocks. Developed by MIT’s Tangible Media Group, the shapeshifting display of computer-controlled pins can manipulate objects to take form.

According to Fast Company, Kinetic Blocks is a “flatbed ‘shape display’ with a Microsoft Kinect as an overhanging eye.” The device can stock, rotate, twist, and move blocks without any human intervention. “It can even construct preprogrammed structures,” the article says.

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