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Deadline extended for Cover Photo of the next issue of MULTIFAMILY Design+Construction

New deadline: 6:00pm Central, Friday, March 19, 2021.

March 07, 2021 |

The skylit lap pool at Hub, a 750-unit rental community in Brooklyn, was the Cover image of our Summer 2019 Amenities issue. Photo: Evan Joseph, courtesy Dattner Architects

We're extending the deadline for "Amenities" COVER PHOTOS for our next issue to Friday, March 19, 2021. We understand that Work From Home and Covid-related demands have put a burden on AEC firm Marketing and Public Relations departments, and we want to give everyone a chance.
If you have a question or concern, contact: Rob Cassidy, Editor, MULTIFAMILY Design+Construction, rcassidy@sgcmail.com; 773-220-3555.
We're looking for highest-quality, most interesting and intriguing, knock-your-socks-off photos that shout "AMENITIES!!!" to our readers.
NOTE: Cover dimensions are 10.75 inches high by 9 inches wide, so consider sending some VERTICAL images, if you have them.
Send your hi-resolution (300 dpi) photo/s - no renderings! - of AMENITIES from one or more recent (2020-2021 completion or occupancy) apartment, condo, or townhome projects, along with:

     - Brief description of the AMENITY (eg."1/4-acre dog park," "pickleball court," "children's playroom," "wine bar," etc.)

     - Brief project description: Must include location, month/year of completion/occupancy, # of units, type of multifamily (apartment, condo, townhome, student housing, senior living, etc).

     - List of all key project team firms (architecture, engineering, builder, developer/owner/client, key subcontractors) - we will "highlight" the firm that submits the Cover photo.

     - PHOTO CREDIT - Very important! Please make sure you can grant full editorial and promotional permission to MULTIFAMILY Design+Construction/SGC Horizon LLC.

     - Exterior photo of the project, for context (if available - not required)

Photos showing people - real or models - using the amenity in question are encouraged, but not required.

Photos that are not selected for the Cover may be used in the accompanying Cover Story or Table of Contents in the magazine and online.



DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT: 1:00pm Central, Friday, March 12, 2021

Send to: Rob Cassidy, Editor: rcassidy@sgcmail.com - 773-220-3555.

Your project could be on the Cover of our next issue! Thank you!

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