Metal Construction Association Offers Architects Technical Support and Continuing Education Programs

May 27, 2009 |

May 12, 2009, Glenview, IL – For architects interested in learning more about metal and its various applications in the building envelope, the Metal Construction Association provides a host of technical information and accredited AIA CES courses.


Technical resources are in the form of white papers, technical bulletins and detailed publications that span a variety of topics related to the use of metal in construction. Each document provides relevant details about specification, installation and maintenance of metal products for roof, wall and architectural applications. Many of MCA’s technical materials are downloadable in pdf format from the publications section of the MCA Web site, These include:


White Papers/Position Papers

·         Code Requirements and Fire Stopping for Over-the-Deck Venting of Stone Coated Metal Roofs 

·         Controlling Condensation in Steep Slope Metal Roofing Systems

·         Metal Roof and Wall Panel Components in Contact with Preservative Treated Lumber

·         Perimeter Void Fire Protection

·         Understanding The Rainscreen Principle


Technical Bulletins

·         Compatibility of Fasteners with Metal Roof and Wall Panels

·         Ecological Benefits of Metal Roofing

·         Guide to Steel Sheet Substrates

·         Insulating Values: Insulated Metal Panels

·         Lightning and Metal Roofing

·         Metal Roof Coating Maintenance

·         Metal Panel Field Repainting

·         Recycled Content of Metal Roofing and Siding Panels

·         Structural Loading: Insulated Metal Panels

Technical Resources

·         Heat Island Effect: Roof and SRI Calculator (Cool Metal Roofing Coalition) 

·         Steel Coalition Lubricant Task Group Final Report  

·         The Effects of Infrared-Blocking Pigments and Deck Venting on Stone-Coated Metal Residential Roofs,  by William A. Miller, Ph.D., Building Envelopes Program, Oak Ridge National Laboratory 

Also available for purchase through MCA:

·         A Primer on Diaphragm Design

·         Ducker Metal Roofing Market Report  

·         Ducker Wall Panel Market Report

·         Guide Specifications for Residential Metal Roofing

·         Metal Composite Foam Wall Panels

·         Metal Roof Design for Cold Climates

·         Preformed Metal Wall Specification Guidelines (REVISED)

·         Selection Guidelines for Metal Composite Foam Roof Panels

·         Smooth-Faced Uninsulated Metal Wall Panels 

Continuing Education

AIA CES courses offered by MCA cover a variety of topics including those that meet AIA’s new 2009 requirements for sustainable design topics. The following courses are currently offered, and new ones are continually added. Course content and descriptions are outlined in the enclosed document.  

·         Advanced Metal Roofing: SD

·         Aluminum and Natural Metal Composite Panels

·         Architectural Copper: SD

·         Building Green with Metal Roofs and Walls: SD

·         Foam Core Metal Roofs 

·         Introduction to Aluminum and Natural Metal Composite Panels

·         Metal Roofing: SD

·         Metal Roofing: Improved Design & Specifications: SD

·         Metal Roofs & Walls - From A(luminum) to Z(inc)

·         Mineral Wool Panels in Fire Resistive Wall Construction

·         Solar Standing Seam Roofing


About MCA

MCA is an organization of manufacturers and suppliers whose metal products are used in structures throughout the world. The association promotes the use of metal in construction through education, marketing support, technical programs, monitoring of industry issues, and various achievement awards. MCA’s next national meeting is August 10-12, 2009 in Washington, DC. For more information, visit


MCA’s flagship event is the METALCON International exhibition and conference. The 19th annual METALCON runs October 6-8, 2009 at the Tampa Bay Convention Center. For more information visit

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