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Maryland lawmakers take on blocked sidewalks during construction projects

Legislation clarifies developers’ responsibilities.

December 18, 2019 |

Courtesy Pixabay

Two Maryland lawmakers have introduced bills that would improve pedestrian access to sidewalks during construction projects.

Legislation filed by a Montgomery County Council member would limit how long a county sidewalk could remain blocked to pedestrians. If the project goes longer than 15 days, the bill puts the responsibility on the developer or utility running the project to identify alternate routes for pedestrians.

Sidewalks under repair could not be closed for more than six months. The bill would not apply to the city’s major construction projects along thoroughfares under jurisdiction of the state.

A state lawmaker has filed another bill to establish clear rules for permitting along state highways so that pedestrian access is kept available as much as possible. One option for developers is to provide more sidewalk shelters in construction zones.

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