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Liberty Building Forensics cautions hotel building teams on moisture, mold issues

Brand standards do not address local climatic conditions

Liberty Building Forensics Group, a building forensics firm warned building teams working on hotel projects to be on guard against moisture intrusion and mold.

Rigid adherence to brand standards in new hotel construction without factoring in specific regional and climatic conditions can result in significant mold and moisture issues, Liberty says. Global design standards typically do not take into consideration specific limitations of regional climates.

Regional violations in design standards have repeatedly resulted in extensive and costly mold and moisture problems in hotels, Liberty says. Hotel chains say their design standards are only guidelines, and that the designer or contractor on site is responsible for interpreting how to make adjustments for local climate. But brand standards are so specific and budget-driven that contractors typically adhere to them, even if they’re contrary to best climatic practices, Liberty says.

Liberty Vice President George DuBose says during the recent uptick in new hotel construction, his firm is seeing a recurrence of mold and moisture problems. “What we knew to work so well in the 1990s has been forgotten in today’s hotel design and construction,” Dubose says. “This poses a significant risk of new hotel failures that could mirror what we experienced in the 1980s and 1990s in warm, humid climates.”


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