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LA Fitness looks to Fabcon to avoid winter upcharges

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June 30, 2020 |
Fabcon structural precast panels are produced in an offsite environment adding speed and efficiency to every project.

LA Fitness had worked with Fabcon a dozen times before their the Gwillimbury project. Never was Fabcon’s speed and efficiency more critical.

LA Fitness is no stranger to structural precast or partnering with Fabcon Precast. The two giants have partnered on dozens of projects. Building in Canada, however, was a little different. Structural precast is still a novel idea in Canada, and its load-bearing qualities are under-utilized compared to the south. The structural engineers on the project weren't entirely sure where their job began and where Fabcon's role kicked in. Renèe Tang, P.E. and lead engineer from CPE Structural Consultants, Ltd. admits there was some concern: “We had never done a job with Fabcon, or with structural panels for that matter. We just didn’t know what was provided and what was going to be required of us.” With an Ontario winter on the doorstep, it was imperative that the entire team got on the same page, and quickly—or run the risk of an extended timeline and additional costs. As they had many times before, LA Fitness put their trust in Fabcon Precast.

Fabcon structural precast panels are produced in an offsite environment adding speed and efficiency to every project.Fabcon installation crews can work efficiently through the harshest winter months, but inclement weather can have a serious and costly impact on the construction process as a whole.

Precast shortens the construction cycle and avoids undue costs

Fabcon’s structural precast panels are the perfect solution for any company looking to shorten the construction cycle and build a structure that will ultimately reduce operating costs. A key advantage to precast construction is the manufacturer’s ability to produce panels even before the construction site is ready—a luxury not available with site-cast or block construction methods. Once the footings are in place, Fabcon’s installation crews can work at an amazing pace, often setting 350 linear feet of panels a day. Fabcon’s system also has the added flexibility of running independent of the steel crew’s availability. Fabcon panels can be erected with or without perimeter steel columns in place.

Fabcon structural precast panels are produced in an offsite environment adding speed and efficiency to every project.Fabcon produces their structural panels in a controlled environment and can begin producing panels before the site preparation has even started.

Fabcon Precast helps a fitness giant to open a new location fast 

Fabcon panels ultimately proved to be the perfect solution once again for LA Fitness. Fabcon’s unique combination of speed, precision and performance hit the mark, and the structural engineering team, general contractor and Fabcon’s installation squad fell into perfect sync. The project proceeded smoothly and at warp speed. Fabcon’s VersaCore+Green panels with a smooth steel form finish began arriving on site after just five weeks and were quickly erected. “They had perimeter walls up at week five. Fabcon definitely saved us time in the field,” said Paul Bloemendahl of Rochon Building. Tang, P.E., echoed those sentiments: “I’d estimate that using Fabcon’s panels saved us about 20% in overall design time and detailing work. As it turned out, Fabcon’s structural precast was perfect for a building like this—the design, the intended purpose, glazing—it really worked out great.”

Jim Houtman- VP Sales, Marketing
Fabcon Precast

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