Katerra launches software platform for ‘entire lifecycle of the building process’

Firm is accepting industry applicants to test the product.

February 27, 2019 |

Courtesy NegativeSpace

Katerra recently launched a new suite of technology products for the “entire lifecycle of the building process.”

The proprietary software integrates data gathered throughout a building’s supply chain and construction process. Apollo Construct, a project management tool for estimation and scheduling, will be the first application offered.

The Apollo suite will also include Apollo Insight and Apollo Connect, which incorporate visual 3D design feasibility studies and BIM-based budgeting tools. Katerra aims to build its products using open API integration to make use of tools currently used in construction workflows.

The company also announced Katerra Building Platforms system, a method for designing buildings as “manufactured, repeatable products, while still maintaining design configuration options for various clients, regions, and markets.”

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