In it for the long run – Why comprehensive O&M services are a must

In order to safely and effectively maximize return on investment, minimizing operating costs and optimizing asset performance is essential

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October 30, 2015 |
In it for the long run – Why comprehensive O&M services are a must

Macerich – Twenty Ninth Street Mall – Boulder, CO

Today, clean energy is becoming a requirement, not just a suggestion, as more states implement energy efficiency resource standards and goals. To help fulfill these mandates, many building professionals are turning to solar. In fact, according to SEIA, in Q1 2015 more than 51 percent of all new electric generating capacity in the U.S. came from solar, adding to the 22.7 GW of solar already installed in the country.

But while American businesses are going solar to meet rising expectations, they’re also doing it because they know it’s good for their bottom line. Electricity prices are increasing across the country and solar helps minimize these costs and stabilize energy budgets.

The road ahead

With financing and a solid implementation plan in place, organizations can begin building the system that will power their facility. Putting all of the pieces together and seeing the final installation come to life is an exciting time, allowing companies to join the growing number of businesses going solar and reap energy savings.

But unfortunately, more often than not, strong project support at the start diminishes down the line once a project is completed, where it can often be most crucial. It’s important to have a partner who can provide comprehensive, long-term O&M services that ensure projects remain up and running at maximum efficiency without a hitch for years to come.

What’s the value of long-term O&M?

With the sun shining and solar providing clean, cost-efficient energy, what’s the worry?

In order to safely and effectively maximize return on investment, minimizing operating costs and optimizing asset performance is essential. This requires a partner who can provide the full O&M package: NOC and maintenance services, operations and asset management, total system protection, and guarantees.

Together, these services ensure real-time monitoring, performance reporting, high safety standards, system cleaning and annual maintenance plans that protect long-term reliability and control long-term costs. Developing long-term O&M warranties and performance guarantees with a financially sound partner adds a level of peace of mind that’s often missing.

O&M at play

Consisting of more than 85 properties across 19 states, Macerich is a fully integrated, self-managed and self-administered real estate investment trust which focuses on the acquisition, leasing, management, development and redevelopment of regional malls throughout the United States. 

When the Macerich portfolio of properties decided to implement solar, O&M of each unique system posed its own distinctive set of challenges. Macerich needed a partner it could trust to be a dependable, consistent provider of those services for more than two decades at a wide variety of sites.

With their extensive global network, Panasonic ensured quality implementation for every aspect of each individual project, regardless of location. And, as a nearly 100 year-old, $64 billion company, Panasonic guaranteed its ability to fulfill the 20 year commitment to sustaining expert operations and maintenance of Macerich’s solar systems.

To keep each installation thriving, Panasonic works with its teams across the country to perform annual maintenance. When an issue does arise, the Panasonic O&M planning and scheduling team dispatches a technician, optimizing their time onsite to ensure a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution is put into place.

Through long-term O&M guarantees, organizations like Macerich reduce stress and eliminate worry about brand management and reputation.

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