Invisible Structures' Grasspave²

December 01, 2005 |

Instead of creating a hard-paved fire lane at RadioShack's World Headquarters Riverfront campus in Fort Worth, Texas, Teske specified Invisible Structure's Grasspave2 to create load-bearing, pervious green spaces throughout the 37-acre campus. Grasspave2 is comprised of a sandy-gravel base course beneath the Grasspave2's HPDE ring and grid structure, which, when filled with sand and topped with sod, creates a permanent load-bearing surface with 100% grass coverage in lieu of asphalt, concrete, or other traditional surfaces.

Why Kirk Teske specified Grasspave2 for RadioShack's HQ

"We wanted to create an aesthetically desirable landscaped surface, especially in our public spaces. The curving entry plaza is used for fire truck access and as a private outdoor lounge area for employees. This product provides an excellent alternative to traditional paving materials."

"The use of porous grass-paving reduces storm water runoff and the need to install expensive storm water conveyance and management systems. It also does not contribute to storm water pollution, as do other petroleum-based paving products."

"Grasspave2 is a low-maintenance and long-lasting product. It does not require daily or periodic maintenance—creating a cost savings for the owner."

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