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Intl. Code Council’s new development system could be a brake on building decarbonization

Local governments lose influence on creating new energy efficiency rules.

April 02, 2021 |

Courtesy Pixabay

The International Code Council (ICC) stripped the rights of local governments to vote on provisions of new versions of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

The move could make it harder for cities to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within building sectors. The ICC’s new code development system gives the construction and gas industries more control by replacing localities’ voting power with a new process that still factors in local-level input, but gives industry groups more say in the end result of code development.

States typically adopt the ICC’s most recent standards for their building codes. If new code versions are less ambitious in promoting energy efficiency and cutting GHG emissions, cities are likely to adopt less stringent state codes.

More than 200 organizations and individuals submitted comments to the ICC surrounding its decision to end government voting, with 75% of those comments opposed to the action.

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