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How long-term O&M combats complex climates

With the full O&M package, solar adopters are able to maximize return on investment, optimize system performance and minimize operating costs while controlling long-term costs. 

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March 29, 2016 |

With COP21 not far behind us and an election on the horizon, climate change and renewable energy continue to be front and center issues on the world stage. Conversely, while electricity rates across the country continue to increase, solar panels have become more affordable and viable than ever. Yet, at a time when green technology is expanding, one question still remains – why aren’t more commercial building professionals investing in clean energy projects?

Battling complex climates

Within the corporate climate, choosing when and how to go solar is a big decision for many companies. Solar installations require committed, experienced partners capable of providing a seamless process from conception to Operations and Maintenance. Unfortunately, more often than not, strong project support at the start diminishes down the line once a project is up and running, where it is needed to ensure a system’s long-term health. To take the first step, building officials and facility managers need assurance that they are working with a qualified company that will stand by their installation for years to come.

Environmentally speaking, a region’s climate can also be a major hurdle. Typically, a solar system’s central inverters are designed to protect against snow. A pioneer in the solar industry since 1975, Panasonic’s rich history of solar project development includes systems constructed in areas prone to heavy snow and aggressive winds. These extreme elements caused precipitation to enter into the central inverters, resulting in serious problems. The challenge here was sourcing and developing an inverter that could flourish in these harsh climates.

O&M in action

When it comes to complex climates, from a corporate or environmental perspective, the value of comprehensive O&M comes into play. With the full O&M package – NOC and maintenance services, operations and asset management, total system protection, expert technical guidance and guarantees – solar adopters are able to maximize return on investment, optimize system performance and minimize operating costs while controlling long-term costs. A full EPC vendor delivering O&M services for highest performance energy generation and ROI, Panasonic provides a sense of comprehensive quality assurance, all backed by an $11 billion balance sheet.

For those projects under the onslaught of severe weather, the Panasonic O&M team went to the source, conducting a root cause analysis with the inverter manufacturer. Working together, Panasonic and the inverter manufacturer identified the necessary design modifications, prototyped an innovative snow shield design, and deployed it as a retrofit

This is just one example of how Panasonic works with its industry-leading Engineering and Development teams of more than 100 employees across the country to ensure project success and keep each installation thriving. When an issue does arise, the Panasonic O&M planning and scheduling team dispatches a technician, optimizing their time onsite to ensure a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution is put into place. With these practices at hand, solar systems are set for success for decades to come.

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