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Guardian SunGuard® Coated Glass Helps Metro D.C. Reach New Heights

The tallest mixed-use development in Metro D.C. showcases remarkable views, boasts LEED® Platinum Certification and brings in abundant natural light for residents, workers and tourists.

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September 11, 2019 |
Guardian SunGuard® Coated Glass Helps Metro D.C. Reach New Heights

At 31 stories, Rosslyn Central Place is the tallest development in Metro D.C. With a bold design and striking glass curtain wall, the building sets a new standard for performance and style. Photo Credit: Joseph Romeo Photography


Rosslyn Central Place sets a new standard for sophisticated living in a burgeoning Arlington neighborhood. Architects at Beyer Blinder Belle created an iconic wayfinder and an important gathering place in Metro D.C. Guardian SunGuard® low-E coated glass helped make it possible with attractive aesthetics and energy-saving performance.

The mixed-use development has a pair of high-rise towers, one residential and one commercial. The architects knew the right glass selection would help the towers elevate the neighborhood and catch tourists’ eyes. Looks weren’t everything—the team was also seeking the highest energy efficiency and daylighting for residents and workers. SunGuard low-E coatings covered all bases. 

The architects chose Guardian SunGuard® SNX 62/67, SuperNeutral® 68 and AG 43 coatings to clad the gleaming towers. Thirty-one-stories of unitized glass curtain walls and unique curved elements mark an exciting destination in Metro D.C. with dramatic design. A public observation deck at the top of the office tower offers incredible, 360-degree views of the nation’s capital.


High performance low-E coatings help create a sleek addition to Metro D.C. Photo Credit: Joseph Romeo Photography


The SunGuard coatings work in harmony to achieve design, performance and occupant goals. Solar heat is managed, and interiors are bright and comfortable. SN 68 transmits abundant natural light while preventing the heat that usually comes with it. Meanwhile, SNX 62/27 uses triple silver technology to achieve superior energy performance. These attributes were key to Rosslyn Central Place achieving LEED® Platinum Certification.

As the tallest mixed-use project in Metro D.C., Rosslyn Central Place ushers in a new era for its neighborhood. The inclusion of SunGuard low-E coated glass helped the forward-thinking project stand out, achieve sustainability goals and create a strong sense of community.

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Reflective coated glass helps add dimension to the building’s unique design. Photo Credit: Joseph Romeo Photography


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