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Georgia-Pacific Building Products launches DensDefy accessories

Liquid flashing and a transition membrane are used primarily in GP's DensElement Barrier System.

January 19, 2020 |
Georgia-Pacific DensDefy brick assembly

Brick assembly using Georgia-Pacific DensDefy accessories.


Atlanta – Building product manufacturer Georgia-Pacific has launched DensDefy Accessories, comprised of liquid flashing and a transition membrane primarily used in GP's DensElement Barrier System.

“Given the ongoing labor shortage in the industry, our customers need products that bridge the gap,” said Jason Peace, Vice President of Marketing & Product Management for Georgia-Pacific Building Products. “DensElement Barrier System was our first foray into water management. The DensDefy Accessories complete our system, allowing customers to get the entire package from one customer.



This flexible, liquid flashing membrane seals and protects against water intrusion for transitions between substrates (at rough openings, penetrations, joints, sheathing fasteners, and seams) and unwanted air movement in new or existing wall assemblies as part of the DensElement Barrier System. DensDefy Liquid Flashing creates an elastomeric flashing membrane that is highly durable and eliminates the need for joint reinforcing tape, reducing overall preparation time. The product is fast cure, moist cure, may be applied in low temps, and can tolerate rain immediately after application. DensDefy Liquid Flashing is gold colored. Cases of 20-oz sausages are available nationwide via distribution or direct.



The DensDefy Transition Membrane is a flexible, self-adhering membrane used to maintain continuity of the above-grade water-resistant barrier and air barrier at complicated transition areas of the DensElement Barrier System. The adhesive bonds easily to most building substrates and allows for high elongation, low-temperature application, and adhesion without primer. Ideal for gaps greater than 1inch resulting from transitions between dissimilar materials, vertical expansion joints, or at the base of a rough opening. Available in multiple widths, the DensDefy Transition Membrane may be found nationwide via distribution or direct.

Please refer to DensDefy Liquid Flashing and DensDefy Transition Membrane and Primer Fact Sheets for complete technical and warranty information. Complete information may be found at

For more information on Georgia-Pacific Building Products, please visit



The Georgia-Pacific DensElement Barrier System, with AquaKOR Technology, integrates the gypsum core and the fiberglass mat to form a hydrophobic, monolithic surface that blocks bulk water, but allows vapor to pass through. The Georgia-Pacific DensElement Barrier System eliminates the need for building wrap, fluid-applied membranes or peel-and-stick membranes. It can be installed when it’s wet outside. The all-in-one Georgia-Pacific DensElement Barrier system is finished with DensDefy Liquid Flashing to fill and seal joints, fasteners, openings, penetrations and transitions.


The Georgia-Pacific DensElement Barrier System is ABAA-listed and WRB-AB approved and has a customized MasterSpec specification: 061656 Air and Water Resistive Sheathing Board. For more information, visit

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