Future looks brighter

February 01, 2001 |

Lighting technologies continue to advance, offering more choices in appearance, price and efficiency than ever before. Here's what's evolving:

  • Automatic lamp control. Each lamp has its own sensor, and can be dimmed and controlled remotely. This offers extreme flexibility, because walls will not have to be rewired with every change.

  • Colored LEDs. These tiny lamps can illuminate large spaces with colors that can be easily changed and controlled.

  • White LEDs. Some long-lasting versions may replace incandescents.

  • Light ducts and pipes. These skylight products can bring daylight into interior spaces, potentially cutting electrical costs.

  • New T-5 lamps. The latest lamps are designed for use in smaller, more efficient fluorescent lighting fixtures.

  • Electronic dimming ballasts. These are being used for individual control.

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