First look: Callebaut's eye-popping Möbius building for Taichung arts center

Dramatic plan would create three large interior vaulted spaces around a central plaza.

June 14, 2013 |
 All images Vincent Callebaut Architectures

French design firm Vincent Callebaut Architectures has released renderings of  "Swallow's Nest," an entry in a design competition for a new cultural center, fine arts museum, and public library in Taichung City, Taiwan.

The building, based on a Möbius ring, swirls around a central "Endless Patio." In essence, the plan consists of isoceles triangles rotated around an ellipse. The structure would be set up on earthquake-resistant supports located under the last parking level of the isolator floor. 

Living walls create vertical gardens that welcome visitors from three primary entrances. Inside, three expansive vaulted spaces accommodate the planned cultural functions. The gallery below gives a feel for the architect's ambitious vision.

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