First cost, client pushback biggest barriers to adoption of high-efficiency lighting systems, say BD+C readers

March 01, 2009 |

When it comes to implementing high-efficiency lighting systems, such as LEDs and T5/T8 fluorescents, first cost and pushback from clients are viewed as the most significant barriers to adoption, according to a February 2009 survey of more than 400 BD+C readers.

Seventy-three percent of respondents said that first cost is a significant obstacle to adopting energy-efficiency lighting products, while 29% said their clients don't see the benefits to implementing these systems (see table). Other major obstacles cited by respondents include limited fixture design options (23%), availability (19%), quality of light (18%), life cycle/cost payback (15%), and installation/integration (9%).

First cost is also cited as a major challenge when implementing daylight harvesting systems, such as tubular daylighting devices and skylight systems. Nearly half of respondents (46%) said first cost is a significant barrier to adopting daylighting systems. Installation/integration issues (38%), client pushback (32%), maintenance/upkeep (21%), and limited fixture design options (20%) were also cited.

Recipients of the online survey were also asked to identify the product traits that are most critical when specifying or purchasing lighting, daylighting, or lighting control systems. Light quality and energy efficiency ranked highest among respondents, with 70% citing quality of light and 67% citing energy efficiency as “extremely important” factors. Other key traits include availability (59%), fixture design (49%), maintenance/upkeep (45%), quality of finish (44%), and life cycle/cost payback (38%).

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Source: BD+C Lighting Trends Survey, February 2009; © 2009 RBI

First cost is by far the biggest barrier when it comes to implementing high-efficiency lighting systems, according to a survey of BD+C readers.
First cost 73%
Clients don't see benefit 29%
Limited fixture design options 23%
Availability 19%
Quality of light 18%
Life cycle/cost payback 15%
Installation/integration 9%
Too hard to find experienced designers 6%
Maintenance/upkeep 6%
Too hard to find experienced contractors 6%
Other 6%

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