Extreme LEGO: Wondrous micro city built out of 200,000 blocks

Master LEGO builder Mike Doyle unveils his latest creation, an out-of-this-world micro city that celebrates peaceful alien contact.

April 05, 2013 |

The Architizer Blog offers a look at master LEGO builder Mike Doyle's latest creation: Contact 1. The city, built out of 200,000 individual LEGO pieces, is the first in a series of works that, as Doyle puts it, celebrates "spirituality, peaceful ET contact, and fantastical worlds."

It took Doyle some 600 hours to design and build Contact 1. In February, he posted the project on Kickstarter in hopes of raising funds for future work. So far he has raised $5,396 from 51 backers. Depending on the amount invested, backers receive either a signed archival print of Doyle's work or one of five DIY building kits, ranging from 220 to 3,000 pieces.

On Kickstarter, Doyle also offers a "tailer" video and a detailed overview of the world he has created.


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