EPA okays coal ash recycling in construction materials

Decision sets standards for safe disposal of coal waste

The Environmental Protection Agency ruled that the use of coal ash produced in power plants can continue to be incorporated into construction materials.

“Today's decision by the EPA to set performance standards for the safe disposal of coal combustion waste preserves what is one of the most successful commercial recycling programs in use today, the use of fly ash in concrete, asphalt, grout, and other construction materials,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, chief executive officer of the Associated General Contractors of America. “As a result, the construction industry will be able to continue to recycle an estimated 30% of these combustion byproducts each year.”

“Our association and its members went to great lengths to make sure that EPA officials appreciated that the construction industry has successfully and safely used fly ash in concrete and other materials for over six decades,” Sandherr said. “EPA officials understand that allowing this recycling program to continue will address many of the disposal challenges the energy industry faces with fly ash.”


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