Englert Series 1300 single-lock roof panels

May 01, 2007 |

Designed for steep-slope roofs for light commercial and residential projects, Englert's Series 1300 mechanically seamed roof panels offer the benefits of architectural snap-lock panels—including smooth transitions from the roof surfaces to mansards, fascia, walls, and soffits—with the strength and weathertight properties of mechanically seamed systems. Panel widths range from 12 to 20 inches and are available with custom rib and striation patterns. Substrate options include 24- and 26-gauge steel, 0.032-inch aluminum, and 16-ounce copper—all can be custom finished to match virtually any material.

Brian Page, a metal roofing contractor based in Croydon, N.H., recently installed Englert Series 1300 1½ single-lock panels as a ceiling material in his firm's three-story office. The panels, which range in width from 16 to 20 inches, create vertical lines that give an illusion of greater height and length than does wood or gypsum, according to Page. The ceiling was installed like a typical standing-seam metal roof, except upside down. There is an inverted ridge cap where the standing seam comes together at the ceiling peak. And the “crown molding” is made of panel cut flush to the gypsum wall panel and folded like a breadbox around it.

Why Brian Page specified Englert Series 1300 panels:

“Englert is one of the few companies that actually paints its own metal roofing material. A lot of companies will tell you that they paint their materials, but the truth is they farm it out.”

“The company offers 26 standard ceiling colors, as well as custom colors for a premium.”

“Standing-seam panels add light and a certain dimension to the room. Plus, the system virtually eliminates all the time-consuming, labor-intensive requirements of installing a gypsum ceiling. While metal is more expensive than gypsum, installation is quicker and the overall cost can be less. It takes just a day to install.”


Brian Page

Brian Page is president of MadCow Roofing Inc., a Croydon, N.H.-based roofing contractor that serves much of northern New England.

The company specializes in installing standing-seam metal roofs, and has recently found a niche applying standing-seam metal panels on interior ceilings. Recent projects include a 3,600-sf vehicle garage for Goodrich Oil Co. in Newport, N.H.

Page is a member of the National Building Trades Association and the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance, an organization dedicated to preserving barns and other historic structures shaped by New England's Yankee heritage.
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