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May 04, 2006 |
Michael Berrisford is Chief Operating Officer of ECOtone Publishing, LLC.



The Philosophy of Sustainable Design Jason F. McLennan Buy

Currently being used as a sustainable design textbook in over 30 plus design schools throughout North America. The following quotes speak to the value of this most interesting title.

“With passion and clarity Jason F. McLennan has traced the past, present and future of green design. While he covers technologies and techniques, he focuses on what is really important about this movement: how these buildings affect our lives” —William D. Browning, Founder, Green Development Services, Rocky Mountain Institute

“Jason F. McLennan has achieved “Plus/Ultra” with this book. It is an elegant balance of art, philosophy, technology, and materials similar to the design, construction, and operations of a high performance green building!” —Kath Williams, Ed.D.
The Ecological Engineer Jason F. McLennan Buy
The recently published The Ecological Engineer, co-authored by Jason McLennan, is already beginning to be embraced by the professional and academic communities of green architecture and engineering. As Jason says, this is the first book to show examples and explain the engineer’s role in pushing design teams to achieve a new level of energy efficiency and it will appeal to practicing engineers, architects and designers, as well as students looking for a source of solid and effective ecological principles. The Ecological Engineer is projected to follow a similar path to the incredibly successful The Philosophy of Sustainable Design in delivering innovative engineering education. Exciting projects and excellent visuals.
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