The Dutch ‘Windwheel’ wants to create a new sustainable landmark for Rotterdam

The sustainable structure will be a mixed-use development with a hotel, apartments, and office space.

June 29, 2017 |

Image courtesy of DoepelStrijkers

Hailed by the Windwheel Corporation as “a true showcase for climate architecture,” the Dutch Windwheel is a unique building focused on being as sustainable as possible while still providing a complete mixed-use development for the city of Rotterdam.

The Windwheel will be outfitted with myriad advanced technological solutions focused on sustainability. An innovation consortium that includes Arup, the Royal BAM Group, Deltares, Dura Vermeer, ECN, Eneco, Evides, Siemens, SPIE and TNO is researching these technologies, some of which are in latter developmental stages, according to Windwheel Corporation.


Image courtesy of DoepelStrijkers.


Some of the technologies planned for the structure include a smart skin climate zone with natural ventilation and integrated greenery, wind energy and passive cooling, biogas production, a solar façade, and rain water collection. The building will be constructed with materials from the Rotterdam region and is designed to be dynamic and upgradeable after it has been built to stay at the forefront of sustainable innovation.


Image courtesy of DoepelStrijkers.


The sustainability of the Windwheel is obviously the most important aspect of the building, but that doesn’t mean everything else has been pushed aside. The Windwheel wants to become a mixed-use development and economic boon for the Dutch port city.

“Coaster cabins” will be used to move visitors to the top of the 174-meter-tall building. These coaster cabins will rotate around the building like a ferris wheel and use innovative lighting concepts and digital information layers that act as a virtual tour guide for visitors, pointing out what can be seen and providing information.


Image courtesy of DoepelStrijkers.


30,000 sm of commercial space, 14,000 sm of apartments, 14,000 sm of short stay space, a 5,700-sm hotel, and a 2,600-sm sky lobby and panorama restaurant will all be included. Visitors will enter the building via a 2,750-sm entrance lobby.

The Windwheel was originally unveiled in 2015, but this most recent look at the structure provides a more detailed look into the buildings sustainable and mixed-use features. Current projections put a completion date for the project between 2022 and 2025.


Image courtesy of DoepelStrijkers.

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