Designs for community-based workspace in Carlsbad unveiled

make will include the conversion of a refurbished shipping container into a state-of-the-art coffee shop and café. 

August 27, 2014 |
Cruzan announced make, a 175,000-square-foot office redevelopment project on the coast of Carlsbad, Calif. Cruzan will usher this next generation of community-based, integrated workspace into existence in fall 2014.
Housed in an industrial warehouse that was formerly home to the wholesale floral trade, the existing building will be redesigned under the overarching theme of making, to inspire the formation of new ideas and products. make will take full advantage of its coastal location with interior workspace that will easily spill outside, outdoor work and meeting spaces, storage for surfboards and bikes, a café with outdoor seating, rotating food trucks and a cutting-edge, integrated fitness center. An outdoor amphitheater can be used by tenants to host special events and cultivate community.
“Our ability to make something is what sets us apart, and we wanted to capture that unique human trait throughout this community-oriented space,” said Dennis Cruzan, founding partner of Cruzan. “This will be a one-of-a-kind work experience, uniquely integrated with its surroundings and built to foster great work. Carlsbad is home to many innovative companies, and we look forward to building this dynamic environment that will allow people to excel at what they do, make and create.”
Cruzan and their project design team, which includes Rapt Studio and OJB Landscape Architects, are working to create harmony between the built and natural environments. An L-shaped breezeway will be cut out from the existing structure and open to the ocean on one end and to community space at the other, while maximizing natural light to tenant areas.
make will feature other forward-thinking design elements, including the conversion of a refurbished shipping container into a state-of-the-art coffee shop and café. A second shipping container will be converted into a central distribution point for a bike share service that fosters easy access to and from the beach and other neighborhood amenities. make will also run a dedicated shuttle, offering tenants transportation to and from local surf spots, nearby restaurants and the Carlsbad Poinsettia COASTER station.
“This space is designed to motivate and inspire people to make and create,” said Cruzan. “To craft this cohesive design experience, we set out to design real connections — between the ocean setting, the indoor space, the outdoor environment and the culture of making. We are excited for companies from a wide range of industries to benefit from this community-centered workspace design and distinctive location.”
All renderings courtesy of Cruzan.
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