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Design guide for sloped glazing and skylights updated for first time in 30 years

Helps with choosing proper glass for non-residential applications.

March 12, 2020 |

The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) has updated a guide outlining considerations necessary for choosing glass for non-residential skylight and sloped glazing applications.

AAMA GDSG-1, Design Guide for Sloped Glazing and Skylights, an FGIA standard, describes the minimum requirements for sloped glazing as specified in the International Building Code (IBC). It was last updated in 1987, when it was first created.

“This design guide is intended to provide the responsible sloped glazing designer the necessary guidance in selecting the proper glass construction for non-residential skylight and sloped glazing applications where the glass is inclined 15 degrees or more from the vertical,” said Randy Heather (VELUX), chair of the Skylight Selection and Daylighting Design Guide Task Group. “Proper glass construction is intended to meet specified design loads and reduce the probability of glass breakage.

“Guidance is provided as to the types of loads to which a sloped glazing product may be subjected,” Heather said. “It discusses many of the differences in design considerations between vertical glazing and sloped glazing which must be taken into account.”

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