Denver’s new green roof mandate raises implementation policies

Voter initiative left many details undecided.

February 05, 2018 |

In November, Denver voters passed a mandate requiring new and existing buildings of 25,000 sf and larger to create a green roof or a combination of green roof and solar energy.

The measure is one of the most far-reaching and stringent requirements in the country for green roofs, according to a Denver TV station news report. The mandate went into effect Jan. 1, but the city is still working through exactly how it will be implemented.

How the initiative would impact Colorado’s extensive water rights laws, how mechanical and engineering challenges should be addressed, and what criteria will be applied for properties seeking an exemption to the law are among the key issues to be determined. There are also concerns about how maintenance costs will impact rents.

The city’s Public Health and Environment department has been holding task force meetings for stakeholders to develop recommended modifications, clarifications, and improvements to the law.

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