Data, transparency are keys to next steps in green building, says USGBC chief

Monitoring and comparing performance are critical to advancing sustainability goals.

October 11, 2017 |
A city highlighted in green

Advancements in green building performance will be enabled by collecting and sharing data, says Mahesh Ramanujam, president, United States Green Building Council.

Ramanujam says that tools such as USGBC’S Arc, a digital platform that compares and shares building performance data, will be critical to raising sustainability in the built environment. This tool, released by USGBC in December, allows building teams and owners to benchmark building performance and encourages a spirit of competitiveness to raise the bar on sustainability.

His vision for the USGBC is to make the organization more global and shift the focus from buildings to cities and communities. This includes expanding certification resources abroad, localizing customer service in several countries, and localizing LEED offerings.

The development of LEED certification for cities and communities, Ramanujam says, will give business owners and employees, homeowners and renters, local officials, and community activists more of a say in advancing sustainability. Despite any slow action by governments, this will accelerate efforts to achieve green goals, he says.

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