Cool iPhone App: GPS-enabled carbon footprint tracker

January 24, 2009 |    



Clear Standards, Inc., a provider of enterprise carbon management and sustainability solutions, has announced the availability of Carbon Tracker, a GPS-enabled carbon footprint application for the iPhone.

Available for free download at the iPhone App Store, the initial version of Carbon Tracker enables users to easily calculate the carbon footprint from daily commuting, vacations, or business trips. The application can take advantage of the iPhone GPS function while traveling, to determine the approximate distance of each trip segment. Users can also set monthly "maximum emission" goals and monitor their progress against their own personal carbon footprint reduction targets.

"Although Clear Standards is known for developing carbon management software for businesses, we recognize the important role of individuals in helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," said Richard Mendis, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Clear Standards. "The Carbon Tracker iPhone app is a small example of our commitment to exploring the latest technology and platforms, and to engage individuals as part of our overall carbon management and sustainability solutions."

Other features of Carbon Tracker include the ability to select preferred units of measurement for distance and amount of carbon emissions. Transportation emission factors are based on averages from tools developed by the World Resources Institute. According to a 2008 U.S. EPA report, personal transportation activities were one of the top sources of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion.

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