Concrete Associations unite in joint sustainability initiative

April 24, 2009 |

The Portland Cement Association (PCA), National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA), American Concrete Institute (ACI), Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, National Concrete Masonry Association and Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute have signed a memorandum of understanding to align sustainable development activities.

“Today we are announcing a new way of thinking that will open channels of communications to involve and engage all industry segments,” said Aris Papadopoulos, vice chair of PCA and chair of its Sustainable Development Committee. “It’s a chance to bring together our diverse resources to focus on building sustainable housing, roads, schools and other structures.”


As a group, the organizations will concentrate on the sustainable development applications of all concrete structures, which it defines as all vertical and horizontal applications and concrete products. The memorandum outlines eight specific social values that these structures provide: resource efficiency, safety/protection, financial responsibility, operational continuity, longevity/durability, byproducts reduction, esthetics and societal connectivity.

The agreement aligns all the groups with the goal of providing advocacy, technology, and educational resources to convey the social value of concrete structures. “This agreement will allow the industry to leverage the particular strengths and expertise of each organization to pursue an integrated program on concrete structures,” said Henry Batten, NRMCA chair.

“The concrete industry has reacted positively and implemented many improvements in sustainable development,” said ACI president Florian Barth. “By ratifying this agreement, we not only agree to work together, but also establish that we have the same vision to share this planet responsibly.”

About ACI

Advancing concrete knowledge – Founded in 1904 and headquartered in Farmington Hills, Mich., USA, members of the American Concrete Institute advance concrete knowledge by producing consensus, concrete-related codes, specifications, guides, and reports; creating and administering certification programs that support individuals in the concrete industry; delivering seminars and distance learning opportunities; publishing Concrete International magazine; and producing two peer-reviewed technical journals. More information can be found here.


NRMCA, based in Silver Spring, MD, represents the producers of ready mixed concrete and the companies that provide materials, equipment and support to the industry. It conducts education, training, promotion, research, engineering, safety, environmental, technological, government affairs, and regulatory programs. More information can be found here.

About PCA

Based in Skokie, Ill., the Portland Cement Association represents cement companies in the United States and Canada. It conducts market development, engineering, research, education, and public affairs programs. More information can be found here.

About Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute PCI fosters greater understanding and use of precast and prestressed concrete, and encourages and recognizes excellence in manufacture and use of these materials. Members strive for higher standards of design, fabrication, and construction practices. Its members represent the industry to product users, architects, engineers, government agencies, and building code officials.

About National Concrete Masonry Association NCMA members are manufacturers of concrete masonry units and suppliers to the industry. Activities include national marketing programs, a wide range of engineering and technical services, representing the industry before code bodies and government agencies, and serving as a clearinghouse for information on masonry. NCMA also operates a complete research and development laboratory.

About Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute CRSI's objectives are to foster and increase the use of reinforced concrete construction, conduct research, and disseminate information on materials to be used in such construction. It continually works for standardization of materials, specifications, building codes, and engineering practices. Its staff of experienced engineers produce a variety of technical publications.

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