Company gets new name

June 07, 2001 |

PMD Group Inc., formerly BFGoodrich Performance Materials segment, has been renamed Noveon Inc.

The product lines

CPVC Engineered Thermoplastic Products used to help keep drinking water pure, make fire protection more affordable, industrial plants safer, and windows more resistant to the elements. A highly, durable material, CPVC is used primarily for applications requiring a very long service-life.

The CPVC product portfolio contains:

  • FlowGuard Goldr plumbing systems

  • Corzanr industrial process systems

  • BlazeMasterr CPVC for light hazard and residential fire sprinkler systems

  • TempRiter CPVC custom extrusion and molding

Some of the materials in the CPVC product portfolio features:

  • Resistance to corrosion and chemical attack

  • High purity

  • No plasticizers, flame-retardants, biostabilizers or anti-static agents

  • Flame resistance and low smoke generation

  • Mechanical strength at high temperatures

  • Reliable process systems for corrosive industrial environments

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