Codes organizations to develop new guidelines on shipping containers as building components

Intl. Code Council and Modular Building Institute combine forces.

March 20, 2019 |

Courtesy Pixabay

The International Code Council and the Modular Building Institute struck a deal to collaborate on new guidelines for using shipping containers as buildings or as building components.

The two organizations will work to establish an industry-wide standard as none currently exists. State codes vary on the use of shipping containers for buildings. For example, some require new containers; others allow construction with used containers.

Two standards are under consideration: one for the planning, design, fabrication, and assembly of off-site construction; and one for inspection and regulatory compliance. The Code Council is also proposing a guideline for transporting modular components to construction sites.

Prefabricated components can make inspections challenging. For instance, interstitial spaces of a building that normally would be visible prior to finishing for occupancy may be concealed in prefab applications.

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